Odd Machine

I’m here,
wherever here is.
I’m in a spoiled universe
chosen by a splendid destiny called “mommy”.
By chance,
under a rain of pains called “lives”.

What am I gonna get in return?
but my body’s dust,
some blood,
my useless wireless,
and the memory of me as a lines-producer,
just beyond an odd machine.

Matteo Iammarrone.

A dreamer sea

Look that sea. It’s our sea.

Our sea has never been so open. And we were looking for a land between Italy and Spain,

between her and me.

We were looking for, we were thirsty and we were dry almost,

don’t lose the coast, don’t forget the coast, it’s unforgivable and brave our sea,

but don’t forget me please, don’t forget our unforgettable hours,

become lovers without shame,

become shameless, remain naked lovers of nakedness,

we should one day start to love love, we should learn to do that,

we have to do that.