Il puro e l’impuro [English Subtitles]

Here we go. I wish you are ready for that. It’s not a great masterpiece (how could it be? We were all amateur actors, except for one of us, we had no means and Sabrina, the film-maker, has talent but is still young).  In spite of it all, it is an interesting italian-independent short movie, directed and produced by my friend Sabrina Monno, a student at the University of Bologna. I’m writing in english because, although the dialogues are in italian, the following version is provided of english subtitles so that all our international friends (and/or partners or whatever labels one might prefer) can enjoy. We are talking about love and relationships. Relationships and different ways of looking at relationships: two young couples. One of them is committed to a polyamorous. The other one is committed to a monogamous one. One of two couples propose the other to take a trip together…

*L’Audio è in italiano. Subtitles in english

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